Property Managers - Serving both our tenants and property owners


Our goal is to help you protect and meet your property investment goals.  We do this by being actively involved and keeping your costs as low as possible by managing repairs inhouse and in a timely manner to prevent additional issues.


Our goal is to help you enjoy your new home to the fullest.  We do this by working with you to proactively address maintenance issues in a timely manner and communicate in a honest and timely fashion. 


Nobody involved is a number. Our approach for managing the property will be to know our tenants by name. Our tenants feel valued and appreciated when repairs or questions are dealt with in a timely fashion. In return, they appreciate a clean and well maintained home which benefits our owners and their investment.  We strive to work so everybody involved wins.

Because of our personable and quality approach, our rentals (when they come available) rarely stay on the market longer than 2-3 days. They are highly valued and disappear quickly.  Check the option below to see if we currently have any open properties to rent.


Contact us today at (916) 214-2548 or (916) 753-5868.

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